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(2014-11-17 1:32 pm GMT+2)
Updated gallery with half a year worth of pics. That is 6, altogether.

(2014-04-21 8:19 am GMT+2)
Plus one more MiSha pic. :)

(2014-04-18 11:37 am GMT+2)
Gallery updated with 6 new pics from the last year or so!

(2013-06-16 1:10 am GMT+2)
Always loved Misha

(2013-06-05 7:39 pm GMT+2)
Yet another new MiSha photoshoot finished!

(2013-05-30 7:43 pm GMT+2)
New MiSha photoshoot in the gallery! ^_^

(2013-05-23 2:47 pm GMT+2)
correction to last message: 'half a year'

(2013-05-23 2:46 pm GMT+2)
Gallery is up-to-date again, with the five pics done in last year or so.

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