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Commission sample 2

Original submission date : 2005-08-23
Viewed: 4878 times

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Character type : Ordinary
Wear type : Uniform
Hair colour : Red

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Another commission artwork I recently finished.

I was commissioned to make a busty girl in a british style school uniform. The clothes, and the colours for them were mostly chosen by my client. The background is my own usual style, I guess. ^^

The details for the commissioned character were: long red hair, grey eyes, pale skin, glasses, the kind of clothes I made for the pic, sitting on a school desk. There was also supposed to be a blazer on her, but I kind of accidentally skipped that sweat drop It was perfectly ok with my client though, even though I suggested adding it afterwards. Another suggestion of mine was a pantyshot view, and it was accepted. I just thought the pic needed another eye-catcher. Ex-dee! Since the pic is school themed, I gather the character could be underage, but a pantyshot shouldn't hurt, right? In anime that's considered cute. Very Happy And looking at her chest... she should be legal anyways. Ex-dee!

Interested in commissioning me? Check out my commissions info page. My schedule looks a bit tight for the next weeks though, so be prepared to wait in the line a bit. sweat drop

Theme and clothing choices are © my client. ^^
Art is © HitmanN 2005
Done in OpenCanvas3.03E over couple of evenings/nights.
Critique not preferred, as usual.

Visitor Comments:

Comment by: cartoonboy164
Fan of MiSha

June 4, 2007, 11:01 pm (GMT+2)

Please make more of her shes my favorite

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