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Erika - Surprise Photo!

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Original submission date : 2014-11-14
Viewed: 3818 times

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Gallery categorization:
Character type : Erika
Wear type : Lingerie
Hair colour : Blue

Wallpaper sizes:
853x1280 (smartphone)


So I´ve had the preview of this one in my scraps for like half a year, but never got to finish it as planned... until today. If you missed the preview version, here´s the story:

After the ´MiSha - Hey, no cameras!´ smartphone wallpaper, I thought Erika needed some spotlight too, and her own wallpaper. It had been AGES since I drew her anyways. Just like MiSha, Erika is subject to a surprise photo. Except this time it´s taken by that cheeky little MiSha, while Erika is prettying her face in the bathroom, in her underwear. Erika was almost caught unawares, but the darn mirror probably gave away MiSha´s sneak attack. Erika must be annoyed by the partially successful photo MiSha managed to take, but it´s not like MiSha would post the photo online or anything. ... oh ... wait a minute. ;P (Erika was ok with it in the end though, having modeled for far more revealing stuff anyways.)

And those are Erika´s fingers trying to cover the camera, but you probably guessed if it if you saw the MiSha pic. I might still polish those a bit at some point though, if you think that´s needed. I think I did better in the Misha pic. Other than that, I´m fairly satisfied with this.

Anyways, just like the MiSha pic, it´s shaped to roughly fit most smartphone screens as a wallpaper. So feel free to display Erika´s butt around. ;P

© HitmanN 2014
Done in openCanvas6
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