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Random Pinup 2

Original submission date : 2014-05-19
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Character type : Ordinary
Wear type : Casual
Hair colour : Purple

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Having my first evening shift at work tomorrow. Need to alter my sleep cycle a few hours. What better way to stay up late than draw another random pin-up! This one´s not as quickie as the last one though. I ended up wanting to put a little extra effort to it.

For some reason I thought I´d keep the ´panties-off´ theme from the last pin-up. That alone shouldn´t make this mature content though, right? Right?

Maybe I´ll even keep the theme for further pin-ups as well. Wink

Fun fact:
The original idea was to have her sitting on a bed. I´m not sure where along the way I picked the idea of a stool with wheels, but I think it was a good decision. It´s a much less used and more interesting prop. Also, I´d like to keep the amount of props and background items small in these pin-ups, to keep the focus on the girls. Beds are kinda big and would look better in a bedroom, rather than a bright white room/background, I think.

Art © HitmanN 2014
Done in openCanvas5.1.04

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