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Toradora Fanart 3 - Taiga x Ryuuji 2

Original submission date : 2014-03-27
Viewed: 1022 times

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Character type : Fanart
Wear type : Casual
Hair colour : Multiple

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One more fanart of the anime Toradora!

Or more like of Taiga and Ryuuji. The whole image is a sort of a spoiler, so I think it´s kinda late to worry about spoiler warnings. This is a scene that could´ve happened somewhere in the last episode. I even referenced the casual clothes from a certain point in that episode. The scene may not fit chronologically with the said clothing, but so what.

Totally wasn´t expecting something like this from me though, right? Besides seemingly obsessing over this couple in my art lately, I think I simply wanted to challenge myself with something I basically never do. While not the first kissing scene I´ve ever done, it´s been so long from the last time that... well, the last one is not even on dA, so THAT long. There´s also the fact that I don´t really draw a lot of guys, right? Ryuuji is an exception, and fun to experiment with. Shame that the scene sort of asks for the eyes to be closed, so it was harder to give the characters their usual personalities. Afterall the eyes, especially Ryuuji´s, are quite unusual.

Did I succeed though? Is the affection and closeness I was trying to portray in there? You tell me. I honestly can´t tell how well I did in regards to that.

Either way, I´m thrilled I made something different. I think I can finally stop obsessing over these characters and move on to something else.

Art © HitmanN
Toradora, Taiga and Ryuuji are © their respective copyright holders

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