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Toradora Fanart 2 - Sadness

Original submission date : 2014-03-19
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Character type : Fanart
Wear type : Casual
Hair colour : Orange

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Another Toradora fanart piece slash experiment. More Taiga. This time I wanted to try and convey a different emotion, sadness.

This scene is what I imagined might´ve happened in the series, right after the christmas party episode (hence Taiga´s black dress) where Ryuuji has just left Taiga´s place to meet up with Minori, and Taiga runs outside to still try and catch Ryuuji, hoping to prevent the meeting afterall, after having a sudden emotional breakdown from the thought of losing Ryuuji. Failing at that, crying a lot, she likely returned inside and might´ve seeked further comfort in the scarf Ryuuji left behind.

To be honest, this work is a mess. Rushed lineart for one, and I couldn´t decide on whether I want the colouring to be cell-shaded or to invest more time to do something more elaborate, so I went with something in-between. And the perspective in the background is just...ugh. But in the end, conveying the emotion of sadness was the goal, and I´m satisfied with how that part turned out.

I´ll do better next time though. >.<; Speaking of which, I still have one more Toradora fanart concept in mind I´d like to try, so...

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