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ToraDora Fanart - Taiga x Ryuuji

Original submission date : 2014-03-16
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Character type : Fanart
Wear type : Casual
Hair colour : Multiple

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Waah! 8 months since I last uploaded something here. Having a full-time job really reduced my art production to zero.

However, since I recently decided to start watching anime again, after a break of like eight years, I´ve started to feel like picking up the pen again. I also felt like it might be a good time to try a diversify and experiment whenever I do decide to draw something. I probably won´t be doing anything with elaborate backgrounds for the time being, as that adds a ton of work, which equals a lot of time, which is something I don´t feel like investing yet.

In any case, this image is the first step. A bit of fanart of Ryuuji and Taiga from Toradora, an anime series I very much enjoyed. Makes you wonder what Ryuuji just did to get a whack on his head. But hey, that´s what you get when you´re close to a tsundere like Taiga!

Looking at my submissions from past years, this is pretty much opposite of what I normally do in many respects, ain´t it? However, making this one felt, above everything else, refreshing. I want to experiment more on stuff like this. Come to think of it, I´ve done almost zero fanart of anime characters in the past. Only from games. O.o;

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