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Commission - Mana

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Original submission date : 2011-06-05
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Gallery categorization:
Character type : Ordinary
Wear type : Fantasy
Hair colour : Blonde

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A commission for JJ/Skye of their friend's character Mana.

*le gasp* Where are the boobs?! Well, the character description said that she has a petite, flat-chested figure, so that's what I did. Figured it'd be ok to do a boob-less commission for a change. ;P

I don't really know who she is or what she does, but considering the witch's hat and her name, I'd guess there's magic involved. Wink

Art © HitmanN, character © JJ/Skye's friend
Done in openCanvas3.03E over three or so evenings.
Prints available, and they come without the watermark, obviously. Wink

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