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Commission - Snowcatgirls

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Original submission date : 2008-11-19
Viewed: 3243 times

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Gallery categorization:
Character type : Catgirls
Wear type : Casual
Hair colour : Purple

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*gasp* Almost two months without a single submission to my gallery. @_@;

This is a commission that has been delayed like... forever. We're probably talking half a year or something at least. Sorry to my client BryanC, for the delays. This commission, along with the other four catgirls he's commissioned previously, is supposed to be part of a calendar, once there's enough images for one. There's a thread about the project at the 'Totally Random' section of the forums, if you're interested in participating in the planning or commissioning of further catgirls. Wink

So, what's happening in this picture. The title says snowcatgirls, but the other one is really just a normal catgirl, playing with the snow, building a snowcatgirl. xP It's snowing, and apparently a pretty chilly weather. As much as I like showing the skin on my characters, this time I had to cover up most of it, due to the season portrayed.

I rather like how this one came out altogether. Smile

© HitmanN
commissioned by BryanC
Done in openCanvas3.03E over a dozen or so hours, I think.
Critique not preferred as usual.
Available as a print, and the prints don't have the 'Commission Sample' watermark on them, of course.

This is also a wallpaper image. See the wallpaper options on the right.

Visitor Comments:

Comment by: Chewie
Fan of anime art

November 20, 2008, 8:01 pm (GMT+2)

Amazing Or WHAT!

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