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Commission - French Maid Fairy

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Original submission date : 2008-09-07
Viewed: 4418 times

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Character type : Fantasy
Wear type : Uniforms
Hair colour : Brown

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A commission for jkrolak of his character Jenny.

Here's Jenny in a nutshell:

She's a fairy and works as a maid. Normally she wears more conservative cinderella -style dresses, but recently the head maid Mimi (a fairy of a flirty french maid style) has been forcing a more french maid style on Jenny as well. Now she's wearing what Mimi made her wear, and is wondering if the dress possibly comes a size larger, as she has trouble staying in it. ;P Jenny's wings have similar colour pattern as a mourning cloak butterfly.

I had lots of fun making this commission. Not just because of Jenny's boobies, but the dress and the overall scene was fun to put together. And just in case you don't recognize the large items on Jenny's sides, the thing on the left is a flat-screen monitor, slightly inspired by a Samsung monitor I have, and the thing on the right is a coffee mug, with a coaster under it. Random cables in the background.

Most of the content was jkrolak's idea, so credit for the character design and the 'standing next to a flat-screen monitor' scene goes to him. I just turned the description he gave into a picture. =)

Enjoy the view of Jenny in her new dress! Very Happy

Artwork © HitmanN
Character design and overall idea © jkrolak
Done in openCanvas3.03E over three or so evenings
Prints available up to 20x20". *jkrolak has given his permission sell them.

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