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Commission - Masquerade Ball Girl

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Original submission date : 2008-06-26
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Character type : Ordinary
Wear type : Casual
Hair colour : Blonder

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A commission for War-Patriot, that I finished about a week ago.

It's the same War-Patriot Fangirl that I drew last time War-Patriot commissioned me, except this time in an elegant masquerade ball dress and mask. Where and when? I dunno. Some random hallway, I suppose. Razz War-Patriot wanted the dress to have lots of baby blue in it, so I tried to theme it around the color. There's also some darker blue and a more of a sea blue colour there too, and some darker pink, as requested.

All in all, I'm content with the results, though I could still fix a thing or two if I felt like it. The boobs may actually not quite match in size. >_> Gotta pay attention to that stuff.

© HitmanN
Commissioned by War-Patriot
Done in openCanvas3.03E over, I dunno, a few evenings maybe.
Critique not preferred, but I ain't stoppin' ya. I know there's stuff worth fixing, but I'm too lazy. >_>
Small to medium prints shall be available.

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