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Commission - Fire and Ice

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Original submission date : 2008-02-24
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Character type : Fantasy
Wear type : Fictious
Hair colour : Multiple

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A commission I just finished. I'm actually quite late with this, but I'm glad the client didn't mind. sweat drop

These are my client's characters Fire and Ice. Judging from the reference material I was given, these two are superheroes with the elemental powers of fire and ice. The suits are quite exactly based on the reference material, so I didn't do much designing on them, other than colour selection and the special powers.

In here Fire is producing fireballs, and Ice is wielding a sort of ice sword, and probably ready to cast something icey from her other hand. Perhaps a tiny blizzard to cool off any bad guys. xP

I'm quite happy with the results, though now I kinda feel like Fire's waist is a bit short, and their noses are rather big, but I liked them when I sketched them, so... it happens. Razz

Art © HitmanN 2008
Characters © my client
Done in OpenCanvas3.03E over about three evenings, I guess.
Critique not preferred, as usual, but allowed, provided it's polite.
Prints available, and they come without the 'commission sample' watermark, obviously.

Anyone interested in commissioning me should keep an eye on the Commissions info page for openings. Sometimes I do special campaigns also, and those will be announced in my deviantART journal. Don't try to contact me about a commission unless I've announced to be open, or your request will be rejected.

Visitor Comments:

Comment by: Houdam
Fan of cute anime art

February 25, 2008, 5:38 pm (GMT+2)

DAMN!! this is the best pic i've seen in a long time... really wish it was a wallpaper in 1680x1050.

Comment by: Thisandstuff
Fan of big breasts

May 29, 2008, 9:38 am (GMT+2)

Ooh, I like Ice better but I think that she would have looked better if her suit was closed, and maybe even the zipper removed, but apparently you were trying to stick close to the design even though just closing it wouldn't hurt at all. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like cleavage when the outfit itself is revealing enough, but if it's a seamless, all-covering one like that, to me it's best to cover all the skin except the face to go with a "virtual nudity" look which can be really, really sexy if pulled off right. Though if you were to separate the boobs if you did that (which seems would be the case judging by how the suit is covering them now) instead of one big monoboob it would be even better, especially if you removed the zipper. Just a "what could've been," though.

On the other hand, Fire's costume is perfect for her, but it doesn't do it for me like Ice's does, regardless of zipper.

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