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Commission - Nativestar and Darsion

Original submission date : 2007-10-27
Viewed: 3909 times

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This is a fanart artwork. Prints not available due to copyrights

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Character type : Fantasy
Wear type : Bikini
Hair colour : Multiple

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Finally got this commission finished. It's the last of the four that I accepted like, what, 3 months ago or something? xP I'm glad Troubleseeker, who commissioned this, was ok with the delays.

The characters in this picture are Troubleseeker's and his brother's superheroines Nativestar (on left) and Darsion (on right).

Nativestar is a busty native american female, with a somewhat more muscular build that my average characters, though I'm still new to the whole muscle business in art, so the difference isn't huge. =P Normally she wears a black mask that surrounds her eyes.

Darsion is an alien female with a blue skin, and she also has four arms, four breasts, and her eyes can glow in different colours, usually matching her outfit. In here the colour is yellow. Her hair is either black and white, or rainbowish colour, by her choice.

I was given the task of putting these characters on the beach, having fun building a sand castle. Darsion is really enthusiastic about the whole thing as you can see. ;P

I'm content with the results, though I know I could've done a lot better, had I not had so many other tasks to work on simultaneously. As long as my client is happy though, it's a mission accomplished. Hopefully I can do better in future commissions. ^^

Characters © Troubleseeker and his bro (forgot if he's on DA or not, sorry. ^^Wink
Artwork © HitmanN
Done in OpenCanvas3.03E over about 3-4 evenings, plus some small changes later on.
Critique not preferred, as usual.
Prints not available, yet at least.

Now that I've gotten most of my commission projects out of the way, I want to concentrate on my own art as well. I will most likely make an announcement in my journal here on DA when I'll be open for new commissions. Until then, no new commissions are accepted, unless it's something very special. More info on commissioning me can be found at my website, here.

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