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Commission - Sexy Football

Original submission date : 2007-08-09
Viewed: 6924 times

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Character type : Ordinary
Wear type : Uniform
Hair colour : Multiple

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Here's the first of the four commissions I accepted couple days ago. Thought I should get started right away, so the last ones of the four won't take too long. Wink

This one's a commission for cherigirl, of her characters Cherigirl and TEK24, engaging in some American football, sexy style! xP Panties work better than pants for sports like this, right?

If the gear on them looks odd, then that's probably because I know very little about American football, being a European. I've only ever seen one match. The standard rules don't probably apply in this game though. Seems like a pretty sneaky way to steal a ball. xP

I recommend also checking out cherigirl's gallery for more art of these and other characters. She does some nice art too. Smile

Art © HitmanN 2007
Characters Cherigirl and TEK24 are © cherigirl
Done in OpenCanvas3.03E over one evening and one afternoon.
Critique not preferred, but feel free to point out oddities regarding the sport. xP
Prints not available due to low resolution image.

Visitor Comments:

Comment by: MrNybbles
Random Visitor

August 14, 2007, 12:48 pm (GMT+2)

I'm not a fan of American football either, but the blond looks like she is in a pose to hike (or snap) the football making her the Center and would make the brunette the Quarterback. The uniforms are close enough in design for them to be on the same team playing a very friendly game of American football. :)

Maybe she is teaching the Center how to play? Maybe the Quarterback is suggesting a trick play? Maybe I should stop this line of thought before I create an entire story for this one image?

Comment by: HitmanN

August 14, 2007, 1:22 pm (GMT+2)
[Email] [WWW] [DA]

To MrNybbles:
Interesting. Even in my DeviantART gallery, with tens of comments, no one tried explaining the situation in the image. Funny how things are viewed differently at the website gallery. ^.^

Comment by: Lili

October 6, 2007, 5:42 am (GMT+2)

May she Rest In Piece(you probably have heard already of her passing v.v), lovely work by the way. It makes me want to actually play football :D

Comment by: Sweetyplum
Fan of MiSha

January 17, 2009, 10:37 am (GMT+2)
[Email] [DA]

Hump hump, sorry, this is just what poped into a girls mind at this pictureX3>< its not ment to be rude, its a really good pic!

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