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Commission - Tsubi Aisley

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Original submission date : 2007-07-06
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Character type : Angels
Wear type : Casual
Hair colour : Black

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Another commission for ~HitomiBoy. This one is of another of his characters, Tsubi Aisley. I'll let ~HitomiBoy explain:

Tsubi Aisley
Tsubi is the human incarnation of the angel Mae Adeline, even though she doesn't know it. She is 2% avian and 98% human, which gives her the vestigial and otherwise useless wings on her back. She comes from a well off family and is highly intelligent and creative, though only wishes to live life to the fullest, not really work her butt off, thus why she took up guitar, and fled her parent's home.

Tsubi Aisley and Mae Adeline (c) HitomiBoy

The overall setup was chosen by ~HitomiBoy, but I got to design pretty much everything. I was also to make her 'well endowed', not that it's anything unusual in my gallery. xP It wasn't mentioned in the description above, but she's in a band called Hunger Crisis, which the poster on the wall is about.

The guitar is not based on any specific design, but is more of a weird combination I came up with. I don't really know a thing about guitars though, so excuse any silly details about it or the way she's handling it or whatever. =P

The guitar is hooked to an amp (another original design) on the right.

I'm sure ~HitomiBoy will be checking on the comments here, so if you have any questions about the character, I'm sure you can leave 'em here too for him to reply. ;P

Character © ~HitomiBoy
Artwork © HitmanN 2007
Done in OpenCanvas3.03E over several evenings. Poster skewed and rotated in Paintshop Pro 7.
Critique not preferred, as usual.
Prints are available, and will come without the 'commission sample' watermark.
For info on how to commission me, see the 'commissions' page at my website:

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