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(2014-11-17 1:32 pm GMT+2)
Updated gallery with half a year worth of pics. That is 6, altogether.

(2014-04-21 8:19 am GMT+2)
Plus one more MiSha pic. :)

(2014-04-18 11:37 am GMT+2)
Gallery updated with 6 new pics from the last year or so!

(2013-06-16 1:10 am GMT+2)
Always loved Misha

(2013-06-05 7:39 pm GMT+2)
Yet another new MiSha photoshoot finished!

(2013-05-30 7:43 pm GMT+2)
New MiSha photoshoot in the gallery! ^_^

(2013-05-23 2:47 pm GMT+2)
correction to last message: 'half a year'

(2013-05-23 2:46 pm GMT+2)
Gallery is up-to-date again, with the five pics done in last year or so.

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COMMISSIONS (Last updated: 23rd of October, 2011)

I'm currently not actively doing commissions, due to limited free time.


- For now, ONLY DIGITAL ART, sent via email, AIM or MSN. If you're ok with print quality of a standard inkjet home printer, I can send prints too, for an additional fee. I can also print stickers.
- Sketches, cel shaded colourings, smooth/detailed colourings, inked linearts
- With or without background, but no hugely major sceneries


Know my style before you commission! There are distinct features that all the characters in my art share. Your commission will likely have these too.

- 1-4 characters, maybe more in special cases.
- Anything from cute art to full blown hentai. Just ask. Our discussion will remain confidential.
- Backgrounds are ok, but complex ones cost extra.


Following limitations are in place with commissions:

-Female characters only (anime style, not realistic)
-No furry art, but animal accessories or characteristics are ok.
-NO FANART! If you want me to do fanart, please get a permission from the author of the original design. It's illegal for me to profit from using them without permission. However, character designs inspired by another design may be ok. Ask for more info.
-For hentai and extreme arts, I may turn down some subjects, such as scat, guro, loli, etc.


There are no set prices. Each commission is judged case by case. The more detail you request, the more it'll cost, obviously. Currently commissions cost $50-80 (USD) on average, but simple sketches may cost less, or complex pictures even more. For the record, hourly pay is usually about $4-6 (USD) so I'm cheap labor. :P

Discounts may be given for images that contain my favorite elements, such as catgirls, maids, big boobs, bikinis. Also, mascot projects may get discounts.


All discussion on commissions is kept confidential, and your name won't be mentioned in public, unless you so prefer.

Regarding exclusivity, you have three options about the public display of the final product:

-Option 1: By default I would share a downsized, watermarked version of the final in my galleries, and sell prints of it.
-Option 2: Same as above, but no selling of prints. I may ask a small extra fee for this, if the project is big, $5-10 or so.
-Option 3: Completely confidential project. Only you get the final version, and it is not shared or sold anywhere online. For the loss of promotional value on my end, this option costs $10-30 extra, depending on the size of the project.

Hentai artworks are an exception, and are judged case by case.


Below you can find samples of previously commissioned art:

BBQ Redhead Busty British Schoolgirl Kitty Wallpaper Mae Adeline in moonlight
Music Teacher Erika Crisis Fanart Combo character Tsubi Aisley, rock chick
Kitty Trio Sexy Football Rowr and Valk Green Radiance
Nativestar and Darsion Kitty Wallpaper 2 Busty Genie Girl Halloween Kitties
Tattoo Design Fire and Ice Rocker/Skater Chick War-Patriot Fangirl
Easter Catgirl Leena Tazaki Fanart Darsion at Pool Masquerade Ball Girl
Jute Fanart Ecchi in Space French Maid Fairy Snowcatgirls
Goth Catgirl Dutchess Pampered Soccer Fangirl Sexy Secretary
Goddess Laseen 2 Soccer Fangirl 2 Goddess of Lust Fay the Fairy
Soccer Fangirl 3 Miyra Gazing Snow Cute Blonde Girl Kamura Kamikaze
Kira for dj-Mara


These are samples of other commission projects.

Mascot character for Scriptasy website. 3 images, found around their website.

Website, mascot character and forum colour scheme for Project Zodiac.

Logo, splash screen and assortment of wallpapers of my art for the Otakulous iPhone application.


Note: I live in Finland, so payment options are limited to the following:

- PayPal (I prefer this)
- Bank Transfer / Bank Money Order (in euro (EUR) only, you pay any additional fees)
- Cash in mail (EUR only)

PayPal is free, so it's the best option. In some countries you may need credit card or a specific type of bank account to activate/use it though. visit PayPal website for more info.




You can inquire availability by contact me via email (at the bottom of this page). I accept only few commissions at a time and reject other offers until I'm open again. No queueing beyond a few works. We will discuss the final price of your desired project once you succesfully contact me. And a little warning, I may turn down your commission idea if it doesn't suit my tastes at all. Contact me and ask! I won't bite. You will receive all details required for payment once we're in agreement of the commission content and price!

When sending me emails about commissions, please use a line such as 'Commission inquiry' in subject/title. Confusing, non-sensical and/or irritating requests MAY BE IGNORED or replied with a plain link to this commission page! Think up all details in advance before you contact me.