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Beach Babe Dress-Up Fun, aka BBDF is a dress-up game. You have a cute girl you need to choose clothing and accessories for. Dress her up properly or make her wear a naughty combination, or no clothes at all, the choice is yours. ^_~ You can also change several features in her looks. You can now download the Beach Babe Dress-up Fun game also as a stand-alone application. This is the perfect option for those who use older web browsers, and can't run the browser based version.

(Warning: Game contains optional nudity!)

Latest stand-alone version:
NEW! Download BBDF Stand-alone game v1.1 here (1.38Mb) NEW!
v1.1 Release Notes

Older stand-alone releases:
Download BBDF Stand-alone game v1.0.0.3 here (1.63Mb)

Older browser based version:
BBDF beta4

PLEASE NOTE! The files for the browser based version reside on another server, making the loading times possibly long. Give it at least a minute or so if you're not on a hi-speed broadband connection.

Browser based version requires the following to work:
- Modern web browser. *
- Fairly recent Java plugins installed in your browser.

* Internet Explorer 6 and older are known not to work, for example. Firefox should work fine. Others, please test!

This game was brought to you by:

HitmanN - Character and interface graphics
propertrampage - Browser-based version coding
MrNybbles - Stand-alone version coding