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(2014-11-17 1:32 pm GMT+2)
Updated gallery with half a year worth of pics. That is 6, altogether.

(2014-04-21 8:19 am GMT+2)
Plus one more MiSha pic. :)

(2014-04-18 11:37 am GMT+2)
Gallery updated with 6 new pics from the last year or so!

(2013-06-16 1:10 am GMT+2)
Always loved Misha

(2013-06-05 7:39 pm GMT+2)
Yet another new MiSha photoshoot finished!

(2013-05-30 7:43 pm GMT+2)
New MiSha photoshoot in the gallery! ^_^

(2013-05-23 2:47 pm GMT+2)
correction to last message: 'half a year'

(2013-05-23 2:46 pm GMT+2)
Gallery is up-to-date again, with the five pics done in last year or so.

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03/26/14 - Website related - Minor website update


The website is going pretty unused as ever. Even so, I've taken a few minutes to do the following updates:

Mostly just removed old and irrelevant info

Removed most links as inactive or missing a link back. If I've mistakenly removed a working link or if you want to provide up-to-date details, let me know!

Since the guestbook went unused for years, I've removed it. It never really served any useful purpose. You can used the forums or send me an email if you have feedback. Wink

- HitmanN

05/22/13 - Website related - FAQ update and minor news


I've updated the FAQ page on the website. No huge changes, but the old one was from 2006, and some details were outdated. Couple of topics have complete rewrites, most of the others have minor changes.

I'll also soon add some new artworks that I forgot to upload here. My deviantART page tends to be my primary art channel right now, so new works go there first.

In other news, I might, once again, consider a redesign of the website sometime this year. I would really like to make the website more compact.

- HitmanN

07/10/12 - Website related - General update


'ey all.

I ended up not changing the website, afterall. Too many other things to focus on right now. As for the art side of things, you might want to keep an eye on my deviantART page. That's where I primarily post when I do new art (still very rarely). I'll update the website gallery with the same stuff at some point.

On the commission side of things, I'm still not quite ready to accept new commissions, but I'm trying to get there. Give me another few weeks at least.

- HitmanN

04/25/12 - Website related - Plans for near future


Hi everybody.

As you've undoubtedly noticed, there's been no new art for like half a year. Full-time job just simply ate away all the free time and energy I had for art stuff. Right now I'm 'enjoying' some free time as I was laid off from the job for the rest of the year (estimate). However, picking up the pen again has been a slow process, and I still haven't really managed to make anything to put on display here. Hopefully I'll have something new done before I'm employed again. Unfortunately, I'm not yet ready to do commissions either, in case anyone wondered. If I can't even get stuff done on my own, how could I get a commission done either.

Anyways, my current situation aside, the website has seen very little activity (for pretty obvious reasons), and the forums have been silent for months... which means that I think it's time to make everything more compact to drop hosting costs. What this means is reducing the gallery to a bare minimum. Same thing with the forum. I may also be switching host entirely, if my time and patience permits the migration. Overall, you'll still have access to the same art, but likely with more limited browsing features.

In any case, this is just a tentative plan for now. More info to come if/when I get there...

In the meantime, I've opened the 'BONUS GALLERY' forum section for public browsing (previously it cost some of the forum currency, obtained by posting or activities). So, if you fancy looking at some old doodles and scraps of mine, mostly from like five years ago, go to the Forum and click the 'BONUS GALLERY' near the bottom to see these pics. Just remember, they're... old. Razz

- HitmanN

10/23/11 - Art related - Expect Less Artworks For Now


I've mentioned this in several places already, but apparently not in the website news, so here it is:

I started a full-time job a few weeks back. I work at the local car factory, on the assembly line. What this essentially means is that the work in consuming most of my energy, and nearly halving my available free time. Which means that I just haven't felt like doing art lately. It's not like I don't have a craving for it though, so expect me to rise from the ashes again sooner than later.

In the meantime, I don't accept new commissions. You may inquire about them, but I'm likely going to turn them down and ask to wait for future opportunities.

The good news in all this is that I should no longer be short on cash for keeping up the website, my computer and life in general. ^_^

- HitmanN